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Reading Resources

Does your child need reading help? With the right kind of help in the early years of life, most of the reading difficulties that might arise later in life can be prevented. The benefits for your child will last a lifetime. Below are some recommended resources:

The Phonics Game

Reading help with The Phonics Game™. Practice and reinforce new skills with the Fun Zone CD-Rom and readers!

What is The Phonics Game™?
The Phonics Game™ is a total phonetic reading system, cleverly disguised as a series of fun, interactive games. In fact, itís six great games your children will love to play over and over. Phonics GameJust put the videos into the VCR and learn all about phonics, then play along! Learning is rapid because children continually see, hear and speak the sounds letters make as they play. Because the games are fun, your children will want to learn.

Vocabulary builder is an effective and affordable vocabulary builder. It is the only program that uses classical literature to help children grades 2 to 10 build a complete, robust vocabulary.

A good vocabulary builder is very important to reading comprehension. Readers cannot understand what they are reading without knowing what most of the words mean.

Splashes from the River -- A light-hearted, whimsical approach to learning basic English grammar! The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum in basic English grammar. Appropriate for home schooling, private tutoring, ESL applications, adult and family literacy applications. This course is suitable for ages nine to adult. more >>

Printable preschool activity Preschool Printables

Learn your ABCs and have fun coloring these easy preschool printables >>

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